Ceramic Bunnies

Ceramic Bunnies

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Ceramic Bunnies

Unique Ceramic Bunnies

These cute ceramic bunnies are handmade and looking for good homes. Made in Cape Town, South Africa. They have been known to become real through the love of their owner. (See children’s book written by Margery Williams.)

Either way though, they are sure to love their new homes. And we are certain that you will love how they look in your home!

Great Mothers Day Ideas!

A ceramic Easter Bunny makes a unique and great gift. If you are running out of mothers day ideas or if you are simply looking for the perfect Mothers’ Day present, get her a cute ceramic bunny to brighten up her space.
(Mother’s Day is on March the 8th of May, 2016)

Each cup bunny is individually made and no two are exactly the same – please keep this in mind as the photograph may not be 100% the same as what you will receive. Please be assured that they will be close to the same in size and illustration/decoration.

These ceramic porcelain bunnies measure around 7.5cm at the base and around 7.5cm in height.

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