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Flick Glass is a quality glass studio known for its innovative and beautiful jewellery.

We aspire to creating works of art that are individually hand crafted and unique. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, and our pieces sell in South Africa, America, and worldwide.

Flick Glass Studio

Frances Kierman, glass artist and founder of Flick Glass Studios, first became inspired by the wonders of glass while studying stained glass window making while at art school in Port Elizabeth in the early 90’s.

flick glass owner Frances Kierman

When she moved to Berkeley, California, in the mid-90’s, Frances started making jewellery and experimenting with new and exciting hot glass techniques which led her away from traditional stained glass window making.

In 2000, she became an apprentice in David Ruth’s prestigious architectural and sculptural kiln cast glass studio, where she obtained the knowledge and motivation to begin her own glass work.

Fueled by her interest, curiosity and love for the mysteries of glass forming, Frances returned to South African at the end of 2003 and set up Flick Glass Studios in Muizenberg Cape Town, South Africa.

How to make dichroic glass pendants

In 2010, Frances started up My China Ceramics which has grown year after year and has established itself on the local and international arena.

Flick Inc. is the umbrella company for both Flick Glass as well as My China Ceramics and is growing itself in leaps and bounds.

Check out the Flick Inc. store at the Watershed location ( V&A Waterfront).
Visit our Flick Glass page for more information or see our selection of dichroic glass pendants available for purchase on the flick glass SHOP page.