Flick Inc KIDS

Our cute KIDS range is on its way soon. For now, these cute kids snack trays might keep them happy...

Kids Range - Flick Inc

Gifts your children will love and keep for years and years…
Perfect for kids of all ages!
Beautifully printed melamine snack tray featuring Flick Inc’s illustrations.

Watch this space for Flick Inc KIDS range.

Four Designs:
Foxes looking at the moon
Bunnies flying a paper airplane
Penguins frolicking in the Antarctic
Bear day-dreaming of snacks

Designed and made in South Africa.


“We all want our children to be happy. Somehow, some way today show them something that makes you happy, something you truly enjoy. Your own happiness is contagious. They learn the art from you.”

The Parent's Tao Te Ching